Circle of Worldbuilders presents

Create a kickass campaign

a.k.a. How not to be boring!

What is this event?

This free, intensive, one-day course for both seasoned and new Game Masters will guide you through creating a campaign for any system or setting… without being boring!

During the day, our experts will address topics such as:

  • Creating engaging dungeon maps and world maps
  • Getting your players excited about your campaign setting
  • How to plan an RPG campaign… without planning!
Circle of Worldbuilders

Saturday 5th June, 2021


9am Los Angeles (PDT)
11am Chicago (CDT)
12pm New York (EST)
4pm UTC
5pm London (BST)
6pm Paris/Berlin (CEST)


Great GM Youtube
World Anvil Twitch


Absolutely Free

The Programme

In order of appearance

Welcome to CoW 2021

Information of how to take part in the discussions, ask questions, win the raffles and much more!

World Anvil: Get your players engaged with your World! (4:00pm UTC)

Wanna get your players running back to your table? Diving into your lore? We share techniques for getting players excited about and engaging with your world, both from session 0 and throughout the campaign!

DungeonFog: Don't create boring battlemaps (5:30pm UTC)

How can you impress your players with amazing maps? How can you turn them into an integral part of your game? In our session we will look at techniques to up the game of your maps with just a few easy tricks.

Great GM: Events and Triggers - Not planning (6:30pm UTC)

Plan for the unplanned - is an impossible ask. So don’t plan! Learn, adapt, and run your adventures in a totally new way. I’ll show you how and take the pain of over-planning and over-prepping out and put fun back into being a DM.

Caeora: Making Maps Fantastic (7:30pm UTC)

Are you bored of your maps looking like a big collection of grey mountains, green forests and blue oceans? Want to add some more fantastic and fantastical elements and locations to your world to make them more exciting? I’m going to chat about how to make your world maps pop!

Creative Round Table (8:30pm UTC)

Ask your questions and get answers from anyone in the crew.

What is the Circle of Worldbuilders?

The Circle of Worldbuilders is a collaborative effort between World Anvil, DungeonFog, GreatGM and Caeora, all leaders in their respective fields.


DungeonFog is the number one software to create battlemaps for every genre. They are also the creators of Project Deios, the complete mapping suite for worldbuilders, releasing 2021.

World Anvil

World Anvil is the ultimate worldbuilding platform, helping writers, Game Masters and all worldbuilders to create amazing worlds and campaign settings, and run their games.

World Anvil

Internationally renowned illustrator and cartographer Caeora has made maps for, among others, the Critical Role Franchise. He is also a Game Master, professional DnD streamer, and holds a degree in game design.

World Anvil

Award-winning Game Master, screenwriter, author and Youtuber, Guy Sclanders is the Great GM, and the face of the How to be a Great GM Youtube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign up to World Anvil and DungeoFog to take part?

Nope, but if you want to participate in the challenges (each guest will give a challenge at the end of their talk!) you’ll need to sign up for a free account so you can submit it! You can also use the coupon code COWSGONEWILD for money off your subscription!

Do I have to sign up to participate in the masterclass?

We recommend you join the newsletter so you get all the information, but you can also just turn up on the day.

How can I prepare for the Workshop?

Follow the preparation instructions above! Also follow our Twitch channels and subscribe to our Youtube channels (found in the Where to Watch section) to get more information, learn more about worldbuilding and GMing, and to make sure you see notifications when we go live on the day!

Will I get lecture handouts and supporting materials?

Any supporting materials will be made available during or after the streams.

Will the Workshop streams be available after the event?

Yes, the workshop streams will be available as VODs on Twitch for 14 days. They will also appear on our Youtube Channels.

Where do I get the latest information about this event?

Sign up for the newsletter for the most up-to-date information! You can also follow World Anvil, Great GM, DungeonFog & Caeora on Social Media or on Discord to get more info, and chat with other participants too.

Past Events

CoW presents Masterclass for Game Masters 2020

In May 2020, we ran our very first Circle of Worldbuilders event, the Masterclass for Game Masters!

Over 1,000 participants tuned in live for this bumper weekend, tackling fundamental GM skills like adventure planning, worldbuilding and campaign setting creation, and battle map making. Check out the seminars below!

Adventure Design 5 by 5

Award-winning GM Guy Sclanders takes you through how to build an adventure using the 5 by 5 method: 5 ways PCs could die, 5 locations, 5 monsters, 5 magic items and 5 traps!

Agile Worldbuilding for GMs

Worldbuilding experts Dimitris and Janet share their quick and easy process of campaign setting creation, worldbuilding only what you need, when you need it!

Ultimate Dungeon Maps

Learn the basic principles of battle map design and how to create the most amazing battle maps, from DungeonFogs’ Till Lammer!

Ready, Steady, Roll!

Getting players hooked on your campaign is tough, but World Anvil’s experts take you through tips and tricks to make it easier, and get your players running to your table!

How to tell if your adventure is good

Great GM Guy Sclanders workshops audience submissions of the Adventure Design 5 by 5 method, giving extra insight into his process.

Advanced Dungeon Maps Workshop

Get tips and tricks, and even more advanced techniques for designing battle maps, like how to use atmosphere, mood & lighting to emphasize the tone of your encounter!