Circle of Worldbuilders presents

Masterclass for Game Masters

Worldbuilding experts and award-winning Game Masters join forces to
bring you a two-day, interactive online workshop for Game Masters!

What is this Masterclass?

This Masterclass is an intensive course for both seasoned and new Game Masters who want to hone their worldbuilding skills and create a better experience for their players.

During the weekend you will be able to attend a variety of classes on methodologies and tools that will help you:

  • Create an intriguing campaign plan
  • Build an exciting campaign setting
  • Design the most engaging encounters!

Sign up today!

Sign up to participate in the interactive activities and for supplementary content and handouts! We will be providing you with the material, free assets and resources, and the coursework that we will be doing workshops with you on!


Saturday 30th - Sunday 31st May 2020


Both Saturday and Sunday

  • 10am-4pm Pacific time
  • 2pm-7pm Eastern time
  • 6pm-12am London time

Online (Youtube and Twitch)


Absolutely Free

Get the Programme & Prep notes Download the Homework Document

What is the Circle of Worldbuilders?

The Circle of Worldbuilders is a collaborative effort between World Anvil, DungeonFog, GreatGM and Caeora, all leaders in their respective fields.


DungeonFog is the number one software to create battlemaps for every genre. They are also the creators of Project Deios, the complete mapping suite for worldbuilders, releasing 2021.


Award-winning Game Master, screenwriter, author and Youtuber, Guy Sclanders is the Great GM, and the face of the How to be a Great GM Youtube channel.

World Anvil

World Anvil is the ultimate worldbuilding platform, helping writers, Game Masters and all worldbuilders to create amazing worlds and campaign settings, and run their games.


Internationally renowned illustrator and cartographer Caeora has made maps for, among others, the Critical Role Franchise. He is also a Game Master, professional DnD streamer, and holds a degree in game design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Circle of Worldbuilders Game Master’s Workshop free to attend?

Yes! The workshop will go live on multiple Twitch and Youtube channels! Check out the Where to Watch section above to see all the places it’ll appear, and make sure you follow the Twitch channels and subscribe to the Youtube channels so you don’t miss it!

Do I have to sign up to World Anvil and DungeoFog to take part?

Yes! You’ll need a free account on World Anvil and DungeonFog to create and submit your materials!

Do I have to have a paid account to Dungeon Fog or World Anvil in order to participate?

No! Both World Anvil and DungeonFog have free versions - that will be enough to participate in the masterclass (though if you do enjoy the software, make sure you use the Coupon Code COWSGONEWILD when you purchase a subscription!)

Do I have to sign up to participate in the masterclass?

You need to be signed up to the newsletter to submit work for critique. Nearer the submission date, we’ll release a google form where you can submit your work for review.

How can I prepare for the Workshop?

Follow the preparation instructions above! Also follow our Twitch channels and subscribe to our Youtube channels (found in the Where to Watch section) to get more information, learn more about worldbuilding and GMing, and to make sure you see notifications when we go live on the day!

Will I get lecture handouts and supporting materials?

Yes! These will be sent out to the newsletter list after Day 1 of the Workshop.

Will the Workshop streams be available after the event?

Yes, the workshop streams will be available as VODs on Twitch for 14 days. They will also appear on our Youtube Channels.

Will there be separate vids on each talk?

Yes! We’ll break the VODs into separate videos, so they’re easier to watch!

Is this the only time you’ll be doing this?

Depending on your participation and excitement, maybe! If you want to help this event succeed, please share the event on social media and share it with your friends.

Where do I get the latest information about this event?

Make sure you check out our newsletters for the latest releases! You can also follow us on social media - World Anvil, Great GM, DungeonFog are all on both Twitter and Facebook! And finally, we all have Discords, where you can not only get the latest news, but discuss the preparatory stages with others in our special CoW Workshop Discord channels!

Who is the Circle of Worldbuilders?

The Circle of Worldbuilders is a collaboration between World Anvil (, GreatGM (, DungeonFog ( and Caeora ( It was born from a mutual passion for worldbuilding and creation! We try to support and advise each other, and also collaborated on Project Deios ( the ultimate worldbuilders’ mapping suite coming 2021.